All orders placed with Maskulin have an estimated delivery date within 15 business days from date of original purchase.  Please be advised expected date of delivery is only an estimate and is subject to change.

-Due to circumstances beyond our control (holiday peak periods, low stock, weather, job action, incorrect delivery information, border and/or customs delay) some orders may be delayed and/or returned.

-Elements, Nordik Naturals & Nordiq Naturals products are produced directly upon order to insure optimum product freshness. Products are not stowed on shelves in a shipment facility.

-Fragrances are shipped via Maskulin's Distribution Center in New York City, NY.

-Skin care products and/or Fragrances ordered at the same time may not be dispatched via one carrier.  Two or more packages may be shipped with variable expected dates for delivery.

-Orders with incorrect shipment information will be returned to original shipment facility in Richmond, British Columbia.  An email will be sent to verify information and the shipment will be expedited. Failure of delivery a second time will result in return of goods to original shipper and the order will be cancelled.

-Overnight, one-day or two-day delivery are not currently available.


The return policy is valid from 10 business days from the date of original delivery.  This policy may be waived in lieu of unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of Maskulin Canada.

-Any returned item(s) must be unused and in original packaging.

-Products arriving damaged upon delivery and otherwise considered not suitable for shipping, should be photographed and uploaded through the Client Portal and attached to the automated Contingency Report.

-Any product arriving damaged, opened, unusable, or with apparent signs of tampering will be replaced with a new product of the same type at no charge, regardless of change in retail or shipping cost.

-Any item that appears opened or used (product seal is broken) will not be considered for a return or refund.  This policy may be waived in lieu of unforeseen circumstances, such as a physical or allergic reaction to a product, at the discretion of Maskulin Image + Style Inc.

-All return packages must include the self-addressed label that is included in the original delivery.  Call the Federal Express dispatch number on the label to arrange for pickup.  There is no shipment charge for original returns.

-Please include your original receipt of purchase with the return.  For items considered not suitable for shipping, please attach a photograph of your original receipt of purchase to the Contingency Report located in the Client Portal.

-Return turnaround may take up to 15 business days from date of return.  An email will be dispatched once the item(s) have been received at the Solutions Center.


Client Purchase Credits will be issued in lieu of monetary refund on all purchases.  All CPC's will total the amount of the original purchase.  Changes in retail or delivery costs will not be considered.

-Returned items will be inspected by Customer Solutions before a CPC is issued.  There are no expiry limitations on the CPC.

-In cases of unauthorized use of a Credit/Debit Card, fraudulent charges, order error, and/or Credit/Debit Card processing , a refund to the original form of payment may be considered.  Contact Guest Solutions through the Client Portal for further consideration.

-In some cases due to unauthorized used of a Credit/Debit Card and/or fraudulent charges, proof may be required from a Financial Institution or Crediting Agency.

-All refunds to OFOP will be processed within 48 hours from approval of refund.  You will receive notification when the refund is complete from TD Merchant Services.


Return/Refund protocols will apply.


If the item was a gift and does not meet approval, an exchange for another item of the same or lesser value will be considered.  Please contact Guest Solutions through the Client Portal.  Upon exchange approval, the RETURN policy will be applicable.  No monetary or credit amount will be considered on a gift item.


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